2face ‘officially’ changes name to 2baba

Nigerian pop star 2face Idibia has announced a name change. Now to be called 2baba, he made the announcement via social media. “Guys happy every!” he wrote on Twitter. “My handle is still the same but name is now @official2baba. One love always.”

Nigerian artist 2face has changed his name to 2baba. Photo: NotjustOK
Nigerian artist 2face has changed his name to 2baba. Photo: NotjustOK

The artist made a similar announcement last year but the change didn’t quite catch on. This time, however, might be different as the post has been retweeted more than a hundred a times and several online publications have carried the news.

2baba, as he now wishes to be known, has been a popular nickname for the singer since the early years of his career. It is a fairly common way of referring to perhaps the most respected of contemporary Nigerian musicians.

Shortly after he made the announcement last year, he was asked by journalists at a function why he decided on a name change. The ‘African Queen’ singer responded with, “You know when Prince changed his name to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, na still Prince—all those one na just stunt.”

This time around he responded to the same inquiry cryptically, saying in Nigerian pidgin: “I for tell una why i decide to change my name but na #CodedTinz.” (I would tell you why I decided to change my name but it’s classified information.)

He also announced a forthcoming single titled ‘Coded Tinz’. The song is expected to feature rapper Phyno and produced by Sarz. The new single would be released exclusively on the Musikgenie platform.

“This is the season of New,” the singer who marked his fortieth birthday with a concert last year wrote. “New year, new name, new song, still me.”


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