2face to sue former bandmate Blackface

Former member of Plantashun Boiz 2Baba has said he intends to take his former bandmate Blackface to court.

2 Baba may sue Blackface
2 Baba may sue Blackface

This was announced by 2Baba’s manager Efe Omoregbe. Both manager and artist seem to have taken the decision because of recent comments on social media.

"Now for the record,” wrote Blackface in a note on Instagram, “2face if I didn’t work with you in Plantashun Boiz and asked you to sing one of the quickest song I ever I wrote, African Queen, you wouldn’t have had a big hit as it is termed."

The song African Queen, perhaps 2Baba's most popular song, has courted controversy, as 2face claims to have co-written the song, while Blackface says he wrote the entire lyrics. Over the years, the latter has brought up the topic repeatedly, insisting that he has not received full payment for his work on the hit song.  

Blackface's online note continued: “Next to that is my song Let Somebody Love You, which you sang without my permission and your manager Efe Omorogbe published it illegally which we will get to the bottom of. This is because you’re a lazy artist despite all your gifts and when you found out I was making new artistes famous and I was improving vocally, you got jealous and planned the industry to sabotage me and you kept making music about it like one of your lines said ‘dem never know wetin wan hit dem them’ because you and your creepy agents planned it all.”

Initially Omoregbe said his client was ignoring the latest accusations as he has done over time, telling an interviewer that he doesn’t understand the recurrence. “Everything that I want to address on this matter has been put on black and white months ago, the last thing I have 10 seconds for, is this issue. I don’t have time to comment about little issues like this.”

That policy of silence seems to have ended as Omoregbe served Blackface a letter demanding an apology: “We’re giving him the opportunity to retract his malicious statements or apologize for them before deciding on court action," he said. "Court is usually the last step seeking justice for injuries to reputations such as this."

Blackface, 2face and Faze were members of Plantashun Boiz, a successful Nigerian pop group formed in 1997. 



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