5 reasons P-Square needs a new Greatest Hits collection

Nigerian pop group P-Square have been at the centre of the pop scene in Africa since their debut album in 2003. Initially an R&B group with a lot of dancing, they have gone through several genres and developed a crossover sound. They have also dominated the pop scene in several ways. In financial terms, they topped the list of richest Nigerian stars. Musically, their last album Double Trouble spawned the single 'Shekini', 'Ejeajo' (with US rapper TI) and 'Collabo' (with producer Don Jazzy), three singles heard around the continent - and they took two awards at the last MTV Africa Music Awards.


In 2013 the group released a Greatest Hits album that wasn't quite celebrated. Below are five reasons why P-Square releasing a new, better Greatest Hits compilation is something that should happen sooner rather than later.

1. The group may be breaking up

News of a quarrel in the Okoye household spread around social media over the past few weeks. First Peter took to twitter to announce the sack of the group’s long-time manager Jude Okoye who is also elder brother to the twins. The series of tweets provided no reason for the decision, only telling followers that the duo remained but management had to go. This would have been enough. But Paul, his twin, objected and released a photo of himself and Jude, with Peter's image cut out.

Subsequently, reports of the group's failure to perform at a scheduled show was made public. This was blamed on the family feud. A compilation album released now would take attention from their private lives and back to the music. And if a break-up does happen, fans would at least have the pleasure of one last album from the all-conquering twins. Already both artists have started solo projects.

2. The hit machinery is in decline

In the beginning, the P-Square twins had a sure-fire formula for making pop hits. Songs like ‘Senorita’, ‘Roll It’ and ‘Bizzy Body’ set dancefloors afire from Niger state to Nairobi, from Accra to Addis Ababa. While the boys have remained relevant, the hits have not been quite as dominant as their early hits. It may be time for a collection of those tunes to be released as a reminder of why they are so highly in demand.

3. As a commemoration of both life and career

From young men fresh in college to their current position as fathers, P-Square have provided their audience with a snapshot of the evolution of the contemporary pop star. Their life and affairs have provided journalists with stories; their music has provided DJs with material. What else is there than to release a retrospective of a career rich in hits and incidence?

4. They have won lifetime achievement awards

At the 2014 Headies, organisers presented the twins with an award in recognition of their contributions to contemporary pop. And last year, MTV gave them the award for Artist of the Decade. It seems only right that in commemoration of both awards, P-Square returns to the studio record a couple new tunes and a slew of older hits for the enjoyment of fans. 

5. They have the material

Perhaps there is no better reason to have a Greatest Hits collection that the abundance of material. The boys revolutionised the idea of promoting the album by producing a number of high production value music videos. Each album has had more than a handful of hits, especially so with the early albums. It stands to reason that it is possible for Africa’s premiere pop twins to release several retrospective albums chockful of hits. Releasing a second greatest hits collection, this time with considerable fanfare, solidifies the group's position as contemporary pop pioneers.



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