AfriDocs African Music Film Month ends on a high note

The AfriDocs African Music Film Month is drawing to a close. On Tuesday 24 Feb and Thursday 26 Feb at 8pm Central African time (GMT+2), tune in to explore the music of Africa from South Africa to Senegal. The final week of the AfriDocs African Music Film Month can be seen exclusively on DStv 190 ED channel and GO TV.

National Wake feature in 'Punk in Africa'.
National Wake feature in 'Punk in Africa'.

Tuesday 24 February 2015:

  • Punk in Africa - Keith Jones & Deon Maas | South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique | 2012 | 82 min |

Three chords, three countries, one revolution...Punk in Africa is the story of the multiracial punk movement within the political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern African countries: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Thursday 26 February 2015:

  • Fonko – new music from South Africa and Nigeria - Lamin Daniel Jadama & Lars Lovén | South Africa, Nigeria | 2014 | 53 min |

South Africa is the home to styles like kwaito, house and Shangaan electro, possibly the fastest club music in the world. Nigeria has the most commercial music on the continent, but also fierce protest music carrying on the work of the late Fela Kuti, one of the most hard-core protest singers ever. Narrated by Neneh Cherry.

  • Fonko – new music from Francophone West Africa - Lamin Daniel Jadama & Lars Lovén | Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal | 2014 | 52 min |

Dakar is the unrivalled centre for the West African hip hop-scene and coupé-décalé is now a major influence all over West Africa. In Burkina Faso the name and speeches of Thomas Sankara is used by musicians to protest against injustices and corruption. In Benin, the veterans of Orchestre Polyrytmo give a historic background to the music scene of today. Narrated by Neneh Cherry.

AfriDocs screens every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm (GMT+2) on DStv ED Channel 190 & GoTV across sub-Saharan Africa. Visit or for more details.


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