AFRIMA announces ‘staggering’ amount of entries

According to the organisers of the All Africa Music Awards, the 2015 edition has seen a ‘staggering submission of entries with a total of 2,558’. These entries were received before the close of submission window on 31 July.

Kenyan band Elani won the 2014 AFRIMA award for Best Pop
Kenyan band Elani won the 2014 AFRIMA award for Best Pop

Following last year’s maiden event, artists, record companies and journalists appear to have responded to the call for submission, using the AFRIMA website and the award ceremony’s social media platforms.

‘The entries received for the 2015 edition are progressively higher than the 2014 edition of 2,025 entries with 79.2%,’ the AFRIMA website states. ‘Out of the entries received this year, 73 were from music and entertainment journalists across Africa against the total of 38 entries (52.1%) from the same category in 2014. Others entries were from artistes, songwriters, video directors, music producers and record companies.’

These entries will be screened by a jury of 13 persons representing the reach of the continent and the diaspora. The screening jury will have members from the following countries: Kenya, Senegal, Benin Republic, Uganda, Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, UK and USA. The African Union, partners of AFRIMA, will have a representative as well.

Subsequently, a list will be announced to kick-start the public voting process.

Mike Strano, Co-producer and Regional Director of AFRIMA assures the public of the award’s integrity. ‘We are firm, transparent and thorough about the whole process,’ he said. This is All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, and it is our pledge. We will always guide it jealousy.’

The event proper happens 15 November and will be broadcast live across the continent.


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