All is set for Accra Hip Hop week

Alliance Francaise and Yoyo Tinz, a collective documenting hip hop culture in Ghana, will host the third edition of Accra Hip Hop Week from 19 to 26 November in Accra.

Yoshi and Faya Braz. Photo:
Yoshi and Faya Braz. Photo:

The festival, produced in collaboration with Alliance Francaise for the past two editions, is set to celebrate all the vagaries of hip hop: from rap to beatboxing to graffiti art. 

The festival opens on 19 November with a rap and beatbox concert tagged 'The Beat and the Voice'. The concert features  Yoshi Di Original of Zulu Nation, and Faya Braz, a beat box championg with the group Under Kontrol. Yoshi and Braz, both from France, are known as The Beat and The Voice. They will also facilitate a beatboxing masterclass by 12pm the same day, which is open to eight to twelve year olds.

In an interview with Music in Africa earlier in the year, Yoyo Tinz spoke of their ambition to “encourage the culture, give artists visibility and critique the industry.” They also aim  “to share all aspects of the diverse culture: graffiti, rap, dance, DJing, beatboxing, lifestyle etc. […] also produce events and original video content which includes interviews, documentaries, live sessions, and much more.”

Other events in the festival include workshops on graffiti, video mapping, and DJing. The graffiti workshop will be facilitated by Lazoo, an award-winning French graffiti artist, while the video mapping workshop will be facilitated by BA.BA.  Foodj, a special guest from France, will be the facilitator of the DJing workshop.

A DJ set/Open mic session will hold on Friday, 25 November. This will be led by Les 30 Glorieuses, a hip-hop group from France, and is open to upcoming artistes and hip hop lovers. The festival will close with a concert on 26 November featuring Supreme Rights artiste, Worlasi, and tagged after his debut mixtape, Nuse.

For more information about the festival visit the Yoyo Tinz website.


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