April 2015 theme: Live music

From small community halls to massive stadium tours and everything in between, live music has long been a valuable source of exposure, training and income for musicians - as well as promoters, stage managers and other music professionals. Now more than ever, since the demise of the traditional distribution system and the rise of piracy and online trading, recording artists can no longer rely on revenue earned from album sales. Instead, recordings have become a promotional tool to ensure lucrative live performances, sponsored tours and endorsements.

Alikiba at Sauti Za Busara 2015. Photo: Peter Bennett
Alikiba at Sauti Za Busara 2015. Photo: Peter Bennett

Africa hosts numerous music festivals and other live events, which for locals and visitors alike present a door into the rich cultural diversity of the continent. Overseas too, African music festivals are growing in popularity, particularly in Europe and North America. Besides Music In Africa’s specially commissioned overview texts on the live music scenes of various countries - currently including Uganda, South Africa, DR Congo, Tanzania and Zimbabwe - our directory of Events, Venues and Event Suppliers, as well as the new events page and our magazine section, help to further spread awareness and understanding of the various opportunities and operators working within the live music field in Africa. Below are some interesting links related to live music on the continent – with plenty more to come in the near future.


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