Ban foreign music says Gambian artist

In a recent interview on a radio programme Gambian musician Jalex said his country’s businesses and business people should support emerging artists. He said only artists from rich backgrounds can afford to be musicians.


He condemned the plight of local musicians who are neglected by companies which decide to invite international artists, paying them huge sums of money.

‘It's a foreign-minded thing that we have about us,’ he said. ‘A man will wait on a man to bring something for him foreign, when a similar thing is available in Gambia.

‘We have to have faith in our products. We must try to elevate the good things about our beloved nation, to put it on the world map and stop supporting the negative songs sung by foreign artistes, who now use their music to exploit our children, which is not helping. What is Baby “Pull Over”?’—a reference to Nigerian singers Kcee and Wizkid’s hit song—‘Ladies showing off in complete nakedness in video clips! Talk about things like our music.’

Asked if he had a solution to the problem, Jalex said he’ll ban foreign music to permit the development of Gambian music.

Jalex’s comments come at a time when Kenyan musicians have complained about a similar lack of attention by Kenyans towards music from their own country, appearing to prefer music from West and Southern Africa.


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