Bebe Cool, Sauti Sol launch new single, dance contest

East African music icons Bebe Cool (Uganda) and Sauti Sol (Kenya) will give $500 to the individuals or groups that submit the best dance for their new collaborative dancehall single, ‘Mbozi za Malwa’. The video for the song will be out on 24 April and the dance competition runs until 26 April.

Members of Sauti Sol with Bebe Cool (middle).
Members of Sauti Sol with Bebe Cool (middle).

The song is about conversations that take place while friends have a drink at their local joint. “In many African communities the latest gossip is circulated in bars as friends drink,” Bebe Cool said.

Produced by Danz, mastered by Ogopa Inc and written by Yesse Oman Rafiki and Sauti Sol, the song was recorded in Kampala, Uganda.

“We had an amazing time working with Bebe Cool. Our East African fans have been requesting this and we hope they will love it as we do,” Sauti Sol wrote in a statement.

Bebe Cool has been singing reggae, ragga, hip hop and dancehall for the past 19 years and has four albums, the latest being Go Mama (2016). 

Crowned the best group in Africa at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards, the African Muzik Magazine Awards 2016 and the SoundCity MVP Awards, Sauti Sol have been on a winning spree. They have also collaborated with Yemi Alade2BabaAlikiba and Mi Casa.

For the dance contest, the finalists from Kenya and Uganda country will go head-to-head with each other. The ultimate winner will be announced by Bebe Cool and will not only get a chance to hang out with the artists but also take home the cash prize.

Here’s how to enter the competition:

  • Go to SoundCloud and search for ‘Mbozi za Malwa’
  • Create a dance video alone or with friends
  • Record and upload on Instagram using the hashtag #MbozizaMalwa
  • Sauti Sol will repost videos from Kenya while Bebe Cool will repost videos from Uganda
  • Sauti Sol will pick the Kenyan winner while Bebe Cool selects the best Ugandan entry.  

Listen to ‘Mbozi za Malwa’ below:





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