Book on 2face Idibia set for release

A book chronicling the rise and rise of Nigerian pop icon 2face Idibia is set for release. Containing a hunk of journalism on the Benue-born artist, interviews and tributes, A Very Good Bad Guy is edited by PR-man and ex-journo Ayeni Adekunle.

Cover for A Very Good Bad Guy
Cover for A Very Good Bad Guy

Subtitled “The story of Innocent ‘2face’ Idibia”, the book joins a concert as part of events marking and celebrating the artist’s 40th birthday.

Adekunle and Idibia have worked together in times past, as the former was publicist for 2face for a few years. A Very Good Bad Guy can be viewed as an extension if that relationship. ‘2Face is also a personal friend and source of inspiration,’ said the PR-man. ‘So few things give me as much joy as being able to give this gentleman some of the recognition he deserves on the occasion of his 40th birthday.

‘These are important projects Nigeria must do for our cultural posterity. We must tell our stories and document our history. NET is delighted to compile the life stories of this cultural icon of our times so that our children and our children’s children can read it and learn. And this is the first of many to come.’

It used to be that books about or by pop musicians were a rarity in Nigeria. The situation has altered slightly over the past few years with DJ Jimmy Jatt’s biography Avant Garde and Onyeka Nwelue’s Hip Hop is for Children, an exploration of the contemporary scene. As perhaps the most successful artist commercially and critically, 2face is deserving of the attention.

The subject himself is flattered to receive the attention. ‘It’s a really good feeling,’ he said, ‘knowing that all these years that I’ve been surviving in this industry, someone has been taking note you know, compiling my story so that on an occasion like this, they will release it for the world to see.’

He added: I’m really feeling the love but importantly I hope those coming behind will read and learn from my story.’

A Very Good Bad Guy is scheduled for launch 18 September, on 2face’s 40th birthday.


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