Call for applications: Creative Enterprise Training in East Africa

The British Council in conjunction with NESTA are looking for 16 participants from five East African countries to participate in a creative enterprise training. The workshop will be held in Kampala, Uganda between 14 and 18 March.

East African entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for Creative Enterprise Training. Photo:
East African entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for Creative Enterprise Training. Photo:

This regional workshop is expected to create the opportunity for creative entrepreneurs from across East Africa to meet and build networks, gain access to teaching materials and increase business skills among the participants.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to identify customers and the relationships they need to build, map out how their business will function, develop their marketing messages and use financial tools to monitor their business finances.

The workshop also aims to create an opportunity to engage online communities across the East Africa region on several questions around setting up a creative enterprise.

Who can apply?

Creative entrepreneurs from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia will be considered.

Applicants should be working in one of the following industries: music (writing or performing), performing arts (theatre, dance or comedy), advertising, architecture, art and antiques, crafts, design, fashion, film and video, interactive leisure and software, literature, publishing, software and computer services, television and radio.

Eligible candidates must:

  • own or be the driving force in a young business in the cultural/creative sector in its early stages.
  • be highly motivated, driven, sociable, curious and independent learners.
  • be able to take part in a five-day face-to-face workshop in Kampala during March 2016.
  • be prepared to partake in a mentoring program after the conclusion of the workshop for a period of no less than three months and no more than six months.
  • be able to actively participate in all arranged meetings and events during the program, in particular: work closely with a mentor and be willing to participate in peer learning with other participants.
  • be willing to give a five-minute presentation about their work.

How to apply

Applicants need to complete an application form, providing a brief biography, summarizing who they are and their nature of work in the cultural/creative sector.

All applications must be submitted to by the end of day on 15 February 2016.

To learn more about the training, visit the British Council website.

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