Call for participation: ACP festival study

The Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACPCultures+) is calling on experts based in Ivory Coast, South Africa, Senegal and Mauritius (as well as the Caribbean and the Pacific) to submit their expressions of interest for a multinational study of the artistic, economic and social impact of six festivals.

participants at cultural events. Photo:
participants at cultural events. Photo:

In analysing the results achieved by different types of cultural projects, the ACP group of states and the European Union wish to obtain data and an analysis of the contribution of the ACP festivals to the creative industries.

Six festivals will be examined in the context of this study: Festival Île Courts in Mauritius, Festival Africa Fête in Senegal (both ACPCultures+ Programme beneficiaries), MASA in Ivory Coast, the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) in South Africa, the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in the Caribbean, and the Festival of Pacific Arts (FESTPAC) in Oceania.

The study aims to conduct an analysis of the artistic, economic and social benefits of these festivals in order to measure the effects observed on:

  • the circulation and commercialisation of ACP works,
  • the promotion of cultural diversity, and
  • the social and economic local development.

The study will focus on the evolution of the collected data by comparing the three most recent editions of the concerned festivals. It aims to establish the link between these cultural events and the economic, professional and artistic impacts on the organisation of the festival, the artists and participating operators involved in such events. The study will also analyse the role and impact of these ACP festivals on showcasing ACP works and artists as a stepping stone for young artists. 

Who should apply?

Selected experts, on the basis of their CV, will have to deliver a brief methodological proposal within a period of eight days, in order to proceed to the final selection of the experts.

Selected experts (one per country or region) will have to meet with the organizers and stakeholders involved in the identified festivals. Each expert will have five days to carry out the mission, including three days on the festival site. The information gathering will take place outside the festival periods for some of the events (such as Iles Courts, Africa Fête and FESTPAC) and during the festival for others (such as DIFF in July 2016).

To apply, interested researchers need to submit a CV (highlighting the specific elements they consider useful in the context of this study) by email to Nina Hoffmann at The deadline for applications is 25 February 2016.

For more information visit the ACPCultures+ website.


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