Call for participation: Sauti Academy 2016 auditions

Kenya’s Sauti Academy will hold auditions for the 2016 one-year artist development programs on Saturday 9 January 2016 at the Penya offices in Nairobi. Subsequent auditions will be held on 7 May and 3 September 2016.

A member of Sauti Academy. Photo:
A member of Sauti Academy. Photo:

The one-year artist development program includes singing lessons, performance coaching, event organizing experience and song writing workshops focused on lyrics and melody development. The academy is looking for unique voices and talented singers who are interested in exploring a musical career. To take part in the audition one is expected to possess great musicality (able to sing in tune and understand song structure), performance (interaction with audience as well as instrumentalist), as well as uniqueness and ability to interpret songs.

Participants will be expected to perform one or two songs during the auditions. Participants can play an instrument during the auditions but for those who are not able need to be accompanied by a guitarist or pianist who plays for them while they sing. For those who cannot get an instrumentalist, the academy will avail one to play for them. In this case the participant will need to choose from the following songs: ‘Nikikutazama’ by H_art the Band, ‘Sheria’  by Sarabi, 'Yahaya'  by Lady Jaydee, 'Hello' by Adele, 'Loliwe'  by Zahara, 'Thinkin’ Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran and Love runs out by One Republic.

The Sauti Academy has been instrumental in the development of the careers of Kenyan band H_art the Band.  The versatile blend of artists Mordecai Kimeu, Kenneth Muya and Wachira Gatama met in the corridors of their acting careers, in late 2012, where Mordecai auditioned Kenneth and Wachira for a play on cancer-awareness at the Kenya National Theatre.

During the rehearsal process the three discovered that they shared a similar passion for music, spoken word/poetry, comedy, dance, fashion and generally, life. They later performed together for the first time at a few months after this encounter at Dass Ethiopian Restaurant and, H_ART the BAND was formed. Not long after, they joined Penya Africa’s artist development program Sauti Academy from which they graduated in April 2014.

To learn more about the development program, visit Penya Africa’s website.


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