Cameroon guitarist releases new video

Recently signed to new digital music distribution and licensing platform AfriCori, Cameroonian jazz-rock musician and creator of the 'Afrolectric' sound Franck Biyong this week released his long-anticipated single and its accompanying video, ‘Liyomba.

Franck Biyong
Franck Biyong

The song’s fast-paced guitar and drum loops display that classic ‘Afrolectric’ vibe Frank has been working to perfect throughout his career.

Over the years, Franck has released a number of successful albums. His upcoming 10th album, Moonwatching, will be released later this year. The album sees him having mastered the sounds of electronica and is arguably his best and most creative work yet.

Born to Cameroonian parents, Franck grew up in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and the UK, where he was able to integrate the cultures around him into his music, giving him a uniqueness never seen before. Once a major proponent of Afrobeat, Franck’s passion for many styles of music has allowed him to adapt to different genres and sounds.

Now delving into the world of electronic rock with a definitive African flavour, Franck’s spectacular electric guitar riffs and modern sound mean he’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Check out the new video for ‘Liyomba’ here:



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