Cancelations and apologies from Niyola, Jesse Jagz and Wizkid

As the year throttles to an end with its characteristic line-up of end of the year musical activities, there’s been recent cancellations from Nigerian artists who had promised projects to cap the year.

Niyola and Jesse Jagz
Niyola and Jesse Jagz

Niyola announces evening of live music

Niyola cancelled her proposed album launch, citing ill health that had prevented her from working on it in the year. 

“I spent the most part of the year tending to a health condition abroad and as such, I was unable to release an album this year but with my voice, I can still give power to women from all walks of life, encourage them to defend who they are even if it means being different,” she said in a letter to her fans that explained the disappointment of not releasing the album while promising a show to cap the year to fulfill one part of her goals for 2016: “to release an album and to launch my movement to empower young women.”

The evening of live music, tagged Yours Truly, is scheduled for 15th December, 2016 and will feature friends of the artist, who she describes as “young, gifted, passionate female musicians….” 

The artists to be featured include actress and comedian Chigirl, poet and one-time radio personality Wana Wana, singers Kaline and Xerona Duke, the GGB dance crew, among others. The event will hold at The Bridge Lekki, Lagos.

Jesse Jagz postpones Odyseeus 

Jesse Jagz also announced the postponement of the release of his album titled Odysseus. He made the announcement via Twitter, where he said, “Sincere apology to my fans worldwide. My album Odysseus will not be dropping this year anymore, am still working on it with my team to give you all a top quality records.”

This was a walk back on a promise he had made earlier in the year to release three albums due to the abundance of material he had.

Wizkid cancels Homecoming

Wizkid also annoucned the cancellation of his end-of-the-year concert tagged Homecoming on Twitter, citing doctors’ advice to rest. 

In a note posted on his timeline, he said, 

“I’ve been on the road for 2 years touring and doing what i   love without a break, and now its all catching up on me. I hate this but my doctors have advised me to cancel the rest of my dates for this year and January 2017. 

Apologies to all my fans, especially in Nigeria and Uganda and the rest of the world. I promise to be back stronger and better to see u guys.

Promise u new music before the end of the year !!

Y’all have an amazing Christmas and new year celebrations!! I’ll be here recovering and getting up my energyy up to see u all next year! Love u all and God bless.”

This annoncement implies Wizkid, who has had a phenomenal 2016, would also be absent from other end of the year shows he was billed to feature in, such as Rhythm Unplugged.



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