Cassper inspires Malawian students

By Kamzati Konyani

Zingwangwa Secondary School students in Blantyre, Malawi could not believe their eyes as award-winning South African rapper Cassper Nyovest set foot on their campus on Saturday March 21.

Cassper Nyovest flanked by Zingwangwa secondary school students. Photo by Kamzati Konyani
Cassper Nyovest flanked by Zingwangwa secondary school students. Photo by Kamzati Konyani

The moment Cassper’s motorcade entered the campus, the students cheered - while some went closer to make sure their eyes were not playing tricks. But for Nation Publications Limited (NPL) and Mango Ads, there was a reason deeper than just bringing the students their adorable celebrity - it was to inspire them.

Cassper narrated his walk to fame starting from a regular teenager desiring to better his life to becoming one of the top South African hip-hop artists. He encouraged the students to put their mind to whatever they decide to do. “I grew up in an average family where I could want a lot of things for myself. But being a son of teachers, I knew there was no way my parents was going to give me what I wanted. So I started at a very young age,” said Cassper.

He added: “the problem with young people is that we wait until we are old for us to start taking our life seriously - by that time we have lost a lot of time.”

NPL donated one year subscription to the secondary school as part of Adopt a School, their initiative that started in 2013.

Speaking at the event, Herbert Chagunda, assistant marketing manager for NPL, said that NPL embarked on this initiative to improve and strengthen reading culture among Malawi’s school going youth. “We want to equip these students with information that helps them make better decisions and also improve their language skills specifically in comprehension, writing and reading skills,” said Chagunda.

Director for Mango Ads, Steve Kamanga, said that they decided to take the opportunity of having the star do more than just music by giving a motivational talk to the students. The relationship between Mango Ads and NPL dates back to 2013, when Mango Ads brought South African singer Zahara to Blantyre Girls Primary School, where she donated guitars and NPL a one-year subscription to the school.


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