Classical music contest set to commence

In the last few years Nigeria has seen an increase in talent hunt shows seeking to uncover music talent in the population. With shows like Project Fame and Nigeria Idol, the focus has been popular music, the winners obtained via opening the show to the votes from the public.

Laz Ekwueme conducting a session
Laz Ekwueme conducting a session

Campus Classicals, a new music contest targeting universities, offers a different path as it targets classical music talent.

According to the organisers Classical Showcase Limited, ‘Campus Classicals will further provide opportunity to foster the growth of a more reflective generation of youths through the culture of classical music in practice and theory; and therewith, to help in nurturing the growth and appreciation of intellectual culture and academic excellence as quintessential elements in nation building and development. In addition, create a platform for students’ interface, peer review, tourism and cultural exchange.’

The contest is open to both private and public universities in Nigeria. Preliminary stages will be held in four zones. Schools deemed to be superior qualify for the final stage where a winner is selected. Winning the zonal stage attracts 1,000,000 naira ($5,000) and the winner, overall, receives 10,000,000 ($50,000).

Categories include Instrumental Music, African Music, Operatic work and Popular Nigerian Music by Internationally recognised Composer.

Participants will be judged by a selection of individuals noted for their experience in the music industry and music teaching. They include renowned academic and artist Professor Laz N Ekwueme; the Music Director at the Music Society of Nigeria Sir Emeka Nwaokedi; and musicologists Aaron Carter-Cohn and Dr Joy Nwaosu Lo-Bamijoko. A host of Nigerian universities are supporting the event as is the Music School of Nigeria (MUSON) and the National University Commission (NUC).

The first edition of Campus Classical begins March 2016. For more information visit here.


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