Deep Xcape – Pandora’s Box

Artist: Deep Xcape
Album: Pandora’s Box
Label & Year: Sony/House Afrika, 2015

Deep Xcape – Pandora’s Box
Deep Xcape – Pandora’s Box

Over the past few years the Deep Xcape duo of George (SO Clear Music) & D.General  (aka Dumisani) have been making dents on dancefloors way outside of their hometown of Katlehong, east of Johannesburg. Their new album, Pandora’s Box, lives up to its name: it’s full of sinful surprises.

Deep Xcape already have a number of accolades, having appeared on House Afrika Sessions Vol. 5’ and Zino The Neck Breaker’s ‘Rumble In The Jungle’ mix for the same label. They’ve also been remixed by Chymamusique, Sculptured Music and Chicago’s Vick Lavender, and in turn have remixed tracks by Italian duo Dolls Combers ft. Carla Prather and stablemate Nastee Nev ft. Donald Sheffey.

This full-length album is Deep Xcape’s most coherent and original statement yet. Featuring a spread of super-soulful singers – O So T, Oliver, Oscar and Tshediso included – it’s a stylish statement of deep intent, with jazzy chords tucked into warm basslines and sweeping melodic hooks sending the vocals sky high. Track like ‘I Like It’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’ have the ballroom-savvy, scat-heavy catchiness that has taken the likes of Mi Casa to the top of the pile. ‘I Like It’ featuring soulful singer Oscar is the first from the album. Another highlight is the soulful funk of ‘Wisdom’.

As a statement of artistic intent, Pandora’s Box nods to both the underground and the charts and proves that some of the planet’s sweetest dance music is being made in South Africa’s townships.

Download the album from iTunes here.


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