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As South Sudan continues to experience civil unrest and inter-tribal violence, FFAP strives to challenge and change the perceptions of South Sudanese through positive imagery and energy delivered through fashion, arts and music. FFAP aims to encourage creativity, interaction and mutual appreciation of each others’ culture – something they believe will harness learning and understanding, tolerance, and ultimately peace among the numerous South Sudanese communities and tribes.

FFAP believes that by bridging the gap and by learning about each other - the shared beauty and love for their country. Years of conflict and civil war has resulted in fragmented communities that know little of their neighbours. FFAP sees this annual event as an innovative and informative platform - that enables many cultures and tribes to unite in collective appreciation of the arts and peace.

Globally recognized figures in the world of arts, fashion and music such as; Emmanual Jal, Emmanuel Kembe, Alek Wek, Atui Deng, Emmanuel Jambo, Ras Korby, Lam Tungwar to name but a few, is testament to what South Sudan has to offer the rest of the world. They believe there is still untapped talent out there yet to be discovered. Their aim is to offer them that platform particularly in areas of fashion.
FFAP believes that South Sudan’s ethnic diversity and creativity should be celebrated in the spirit of solidarity and harmony.

FFAP was conceptualized out of the belief that positive change and peace in the community comes from the people having an alternative to conflict and negativity currently surrounding South Sudan.
They aspire to encourage individuals to dream, hope, express and achieve through creativity.

FFAP is proposed to be an annual charity and fund-raising event - taking place in July of every year to coincide with independence anniversary –thus reminding the South Sudanese -and those who love South Sudan – of their journey, the creativity and rich culture that engulfs their beloved country.

FFAP will partner with FAFA (Festival for African Fashion and Arts) Kenya to enable them to learn from their experience and contacts.
FFAP is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture.

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