Moreira Chonguica

Maputo, Mozambique
In operation since 2005
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Lesley Wells
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Moreira Chonguica is a Mozambican-born pan-African jazz musician, composer, producer, ethnomusicologist and entrepreneur. He has several award-winning albums to his credit and has produced music for a number of African artists and documentaries. His albums include 'The Moreira Project Vol 1: The Journey' (2005), 'The Moreira Project Vol 2: Citizen of the World' (2009), 'Khanimambo: Moreira Chonguica salutes the Legends of Mozambique' (2011), 'MP Reloaded' (2013) and 'Sensasons' (2014).

Moreira has received a number of accolades in Mozambique over the years, including appointment to the advisory committee for the Mozambican Minister of Culture and being the only individual recipient of the 'Made In Mozambique' seal. He was voted Cultural Figure of the Year for 2014 by the journalists of 'Noticias', Mozambique’s largest daily newspaper. Most recently he was awarded the Superbrands accolade, the first individual from the African continent to do so.

He believes that education is the key in the fight for poverty alleviation and is deeply involved with the youth of Mozambique. He is the patron of the music school he attended as a young boy, Escola Nacional de Musica, as well as of an HIV/Aids project entitled Sensasons, which involves high school pupils writing poetry or prose about how they feel about HIV/Aids, which was then put to music under the production of Moreira and released as a CD.

He also runs a production company called More Promotions in Mozambique, which produces the successful MoreJazz series of concerts each year, as well as having business interests in South Africa.

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