Vikamkanimba Tribal Ceremony

Lusaka, Zambia
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Vikamkanimba Tribal Ceremony



Vikamkanimba Tribal Ceremony is an annual traditional event held by Tumbuka Snr. Chief Muyombe from 15 to 28 September. Activities include very popular tumbuka dance. At some point in late September (the dates vary from year to year), the tumbuka tribe meet for the royal ceremony of Vinkankanimba. The most popular dance of the tumbuka is the "mganda" which has a strange history. During the British colonial rule of Rhodesia, many Tumbuka men served in the British Army, serving in places as far away as North Africa and Asia. When they returned to their villages, they brought with them the marches and strict parades of army life. Over time, these military movements have been incorporated into the mganda ("ganda" means "to march" in the Tumbuka language). The dance has synthesized drill manoeouvres with more fluid motions to create a display of tense motion and excitement. The dance is so popular that there are often matches between villages at the weekends. The young men explode into dances accompanying by shrill whistles and frantic drumming, performing the fast and complex routines, before slowing to a gentler pace. This is when the local girls will wipe the brow of their favoured dancer.

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