The Dogg and Freeda lead nominations for Namibian awards

The nominees have been announcement for the sixth Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA), set to take place in Windhoek on 29 and 30 April.

The Dogg and Freeda lead the nominations for this year's NAMAs.
The Dogg and Freeda lead the nominations for this year's NAMAs.

Despite Namibia's music industry being relatively small, the country's artists have in recent years started to have an impact beyond its borders. In June 2015 Universal Music signed its first Namibian label, while the country is also proving increasingly popular as a destination for touring international artists and was scheduled to host the pan-African Kora Awards in March, although these have not yet materialized.

The NAMAs exist to recognise accomplishment in the Namibian recording industry by celebrating those groups and individuals who have excelled in the past year. Prizes are on offer in 30 categories, including six decided by public vote.

Last year’s edition of the took place in Swakopmund and saw Gazza, StarDust and Paradox emerge as the big winners on the night. This year Gazza and Paradox return with three and two nominations respectively, while StarDust have failed to crack any nods.

Among Namibia’s male artists, The Dogg leads the pack with six nominations, with Big Ben and Swart Baster getting four nominations each, followed by Exit, Christopher The Grand and newcomer LMPC with three apiece. Among the ladies, meanwhile, Freeda is the favourite with 6 nominations, including Best Album for Chronicles. Freeda is followed by Ann Singer with five nominations, including Best Album for Bulletproof. Other leading female artists this year include Chikune and Sanet Lambrechts with three nominations each, and Treasure and Female Donkey with two apiece.

A happy Freeda told local newspaper The Observer that the nominations were a source of pride: “It shows that you are in the game and that people recognise your work. I expected this many nominations because I gave it my all and I believe in my work, which is why I put my music out there.”

In the continental Pan-African Artist of the Year category, it’s between Nigerian artists Davido and P-Square, South Africans AKA and Heavy K, and Roberto from Zambia (also a frontrunner for the upcoming Zambian Music Awards on 28 April).

In the Best Video category, Freeda’s ‘Mojo’ is up against videos by Lize Ehlers (‘Everything Happens For A Reason’), KK & Desmond (‘Already’), Gazza (‘Kuna M'kweni’ Remix) and The Dogg (‘The Kings’).


Two Music In Africa contributors, Rinelda Mouton and Selma Neshiko, are in the running for Entertainment Journalist of the Year.

The awards show has again been split into two nights, with the event on Friday 29 April being held at the National Theatre of Namibia and the main event taking place at the Ramatex complex on Saturday 30 April. Ticket details will be announced soon. The NAMAs show will be broadcast live on NBC1 and for the first time on Trace TV and Sound City Nigeria, bringing this year’s NAMAs to an estimated 280 million viewers across Africa.

The full list of 2016 NAMA nominees is as follows:

Best Album of the Year (sponsored by Huawei Technologies)

  • Ann Singer - Bulletproof
  • Big Ben - Back to the Basics
  • Chikune - In With The New
  • Exit - Black is Boss
  • Freeda - Chronicles

Best Male Artist of the Year (sponsored by Sugar King)

  • Big Ben - Back To The Basics
  • Exit - Black is Boss
  • LMPC - Wish Me Luck
  • The Dogg - Respect My Hustle
  • Swart Baster - The Wait is Over
  • Valentino - Lava Since 94

Best Female Artist of the Year (sponsored by the John & Penny Group)

  • Ann Singer - Bulletproof
  • Chikune - In With The New
  • Female Donkey - Pulling Up My Socks
  • Freeda - Chronicles
  • Sanet Lambrechts - Rooi Kalaharisand
  • Treasure - Koskola Hwepo

Best Duo/Group of the Year (sponsored by Standard Bank Namibia)

  • Paradox - Catch 22
  • Stupet Jones & Denzo No Stress - Red Cupz & Music
  • The Multi Talented - Closer To My Dreams
  • TKB - Kawe
  • Tswazis - Go Getter

Best Newcomer of the Year (sponsored by Galaxy Advertising)

  • 3DB - Dreamz X Realities
  • Ann Singer - Bulletproof
  • Christopher The Grand - Let Me Go
  • LMPC - Wish Me Luck
  • Msunday & J.S - Real

Best Afrikaans (sponsored by Coca-Cola)

  • Christopher The Grand – ‘Kuier’
  • Sanet Lambrechts – ‘Sonskyn en Heuning’
  • S-Man – ‘Dwall’ ft. Cinty
  • Tabakans – ‘Die Hele Nag’
  • Tiro – ‘Gee My Jou Hart’

Best Afro-Pop, incl. Township Disco (sponsored by Directorate of Arts)

  • Ann Singer – ‘Diminengepo‘
  • Big Ben – ‘Omedi‘
  • Freeda – ‘Mutjaka’
  • Swart Baster – ‘Tukale Hamo’ ft. Thommy
  • TKB – ‘Chuchu’ ft. Tequla

Best Collaboration (sponsored by Coca-Cola)

  • Freeda – ‘Lisigenge‘ ft. Jericho
  • N.I.A – ‘Better Dayz‘ ft. Desmond
  • Paradox – ‘Mr Well Done’ ft. Riky Rick
  • Shaeto – ‘Fast Car’ ft. Lilfazi & Jeff A.D
  • Swart Baster – ‘Tukale Hamo’ ft. Thommy

Best Damara Punch (sponsored by the Directorate of Arts)

  • Female Donkey – ‘Choma’
  • Georgie !Obogos – ‘Maris’ ft. DIOP
  • Msunday & JS – ‘Namibia To Dubai’
  • Ome Backos – ‘!Nae ra |gireb |guib am|ne-e ra ho’ ft. Boli
  • Wiseman – ‘Au Wise //Gau Khoena‘

Best Gospel (sponsored by the Directorate of Arts)

  • D-Naff – ‘Hallelujah’ ft. Taz
  • N.I.A – ‘Heavenly Father’ ft. Ponti
  • Monica Mouton – ‘Worship Heart’
  • Sanet Lambrechts – ‘Echo From The Mountains’
  • Satlam – ‘Hallelujah Amen’ ft. Tequila

Best House (sponsored by Namibia Wildlife Resort)

  • Makurunganga – ‘Wakudhima’
  • The Dogg – ‘The Kings’ ft. Speedy
  • Tswazis – ‘Xuro’ ft. Angelo
  • S-Man – ‘Aunt Popie se Kind’
  • Vuza – ‘Mini Skirt’

Best Kizomba (sponsored by Namibia Wildlife Resort)

  • Christopher The Grand – ‘Maria Nela’
  • Dama Monique – ‘Heena’ ft. Cellestino
  • Mentality & Cardo FB – ‘First One’

Best Kwaito (sponsored by Huawei Technologies)

  • Dik Bones – ‘I'm Still Rocking’ ft. Skelm
  • Exit – ‘Omandjebele’ ft. Dicksampama
  • Sunny Boy – ‘Permanent’ ft. The Dogg & Tate Buti
  • The Dogg – ‘Got It All’
  • The Multi Talented – ‘Kwaito Fan’ ft. Exit

Best Music Video (sponsored by the Namibia Film Commission)

  • Freeda – ‘Mojo’
  • Gazza – ‘Kuna M'kweni (Remix)’
  • KK & Desmond – Already’
  • Lize Ehlers – ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’
  • The Dogg – ‘The Kings’

Best Song with a Message (sponsored by NASCAM)

  • Hilifia94 – ‘Freedom Ain't Free’
  • KP Illest – ‘No One's Laughing’
  • N.I.A – ‘Better Dayz‘ ft. Desmond
  • Ras Sheehama – ‘Song For You’
  • Sunny Boy – ‘Enough Is Enough’ ft. Sally Boss Madam

Best Oviritje (sponsored by Methealth)

  • DIOP – ‘Ondjona Otopa’
  • Otjinate – ‘Manjara’
  • The Wire – ‘Vuma The Wire’
  • Triple 'T' – ‘Maria’
  • YPS – ‘Ondadjile Ko Kule’

Best RnB (sponsored by the National Youth Council of Namibia)

  • 3DB – ‘I Got You’
  • Ann Singer – ‘Bulletproof’
  • Chikune – ‘Take It Slow’
  • Kanibal – ‘Double Life’
  • LMPC – ‘Too Much’ ft. Jaleel

Best Rap/Hip-Hop (sponsored by Namibia Breweries)

  • Hilifa94 – ‘Freedom Ain't Free’
  • KP Illest – ‘No One's Laughing’
  • N.I.A – ’Better Dayz‘ ft. Desmond
  • Stupet Jones & Denzo No Stress – ‘Do That’
  • Valentino – ‘Take You Down’ ft. Shaeto

Best Reggae (sponsored by the Namibian Statistics Agency)

  • 3DB – ‘Lomlikwe’
  • Allex & Shyer – ‘Through Thick n Thin’
  • Freeda – ‘Toxic Love’ ft. Araffath
  • Lando – ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’ ft. Chikito & Eddy Man
  • Ras Sheehama – ‘Nakambalu Reggae’

Best Shambo (sponsored by the Directorate of Arts)

  • Christmas – ‘Oshambo’
  • D-Naff – ‘Hu Twaza’ ft. Christmas & Yashe Tati Pii
  • Laviyalava – ‘Makenyato’
  • Treasure – ‘Okokule’
  • Vorticella – ‘Farm Galo’

Best Single (sponsored by the Namibian Statistics Agency)

  • Doris – ‘Kissing’
  • Jaleel – ‘Deuces’
  • KK & Desmond – ‘Already’
  • Lize Ehlers – ‘Hayiwena’ 
  • VMSIX – ‘Nowhere’

Best Soukous/Kwasa (sponsored by Namibian Breweries)

  • Ama-Daz-Floor – ‘True Colour’ ft. Dama Monique
  • Dama Monique – ‘Give Me’
  • DIOP – ‘Batho Bame’
  • Grootman – ‘Omvula Ompe’
  • Waka – ‘Ileni’ ft. Newturn

Best Traditional (sponsored by Air Namibia)

  • Bertholdt Mbinda – ‘Ti Xuro’ ft. Boli Mootseng & Loxer
  • Big Ben – ‘Ovombo’
  • Christmas – ‘Omagumbo’
  • Phono – ‘Dậni-e’
  • Swart Baster – ‘Makongo’ ft. DR

Radio Song of the Year (sponsored by Huawei Technologies)

  • Gazza – ‘Oshimaliwa’
  • The Dogg – ‘Shuukifa Kwii’
  • Oteya – ‘Choma’
  • Kalux – ‘Ayeeko’
  • Sally – ‘Kukutika’


Song of the Year (sponsored by Namibia Breweries)

  • Gazza – ‘Oshimaliwa’ (SOY1)
  • The Dogg – ‘Shuukifa Kwii’ (SOY2)
  • Oteya – ‘Choma’ (SOY3)
  • Kalux – ‘Ayeeko’ (SOY4)
  • Sally – ‘Kukutika’ (SOY5)

Pan African Artist of the Year (sponsored by Standard Bank Namibia)

  • Davido - Nigeria (AAY1)
  • P-Square - Nigeria (AAY2)
  • Roberto - Zambia (AAY3)
  • AKA - South Africa ( AAY4)
  • Heavy K - South Africa (AAY5)

Best Live Performance of the Year (sponsored by Methealth)

  • EES - Afrika Karibik Festival 2015 (BLP1)
  • Lize Ehlers - Windhoek Jazz Festival (BLP2)
  • Ras Sheehama - Lucky Dube Celebration Concert (BLP3)
  • Tswazis - NAMA 2015 (BLP4)
  • VMSIX - VMSIX Acapella Evolution (BLP5)

Best Musical Event of the Year (sponsored by First National Bank Namibia)

  • Makurunganga - Katondo CD Launch (BME1)
  • Ngutti Fruit - White Party (BME2)
  • Van Die Mooi Entertainment - Namibian Celebrity Music Weekend: Washington DC (BME3)

Radio DJ of The Year (sponsored by Galaxy Advertising)

  • Belinda 'Miss Bee' Apollus (RDJ1)
  • Hishia Nashuuta (RDJ2)
  • Johannes Orr 'Joe The Prince' (RDJ3)
  • Leizy Demaestro (RDJ4)
  • Taeni Real (RDJ5)

Entertainment Journalist of the Year (sponsored by the National Youth Council)

  • Mauritz Goaiseb (EJY1)
  • Rinelda Mouton (EJY2)
  • Selma Neshiko (EJY3)
  • Gordon Joseph (EJY4)

To vote in the six public categories above, do so via the NAMA website or by SMSing the shortcode to 66262 (SMSs cost N$2).


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