What is a directory profile?

Music In Africa allows people operating in the African music sector to create profiles about themselves or their music-related businesses. We refer to these profiles as directory profiles.

What should I include in my directory profile?

All the important information about your work, such as stage or business name, contact details, location, type of service or products you provide, a recent biography, pictures, social media links and audio (if applicable).

Where and how can I create a directory profile?

Simply log in, go to your dashboard and click the “My Directory Profile” link. Creating a profile is very simple and easy. Please remember to provide accurate information at all times.

What are the benefits of creating a directory profile?

An up-to-date directory profile provides a lot of opportunities. Musicians and anyone else working within the African music sector are able to connect with the rest of the continent and tap into a rapidly growing market throughout the globe.

Who should create a directory profile?

Everyone who is operating in the African music sector is welcome - from musicians to record labels, retailers, educators, entertainment lawyers, collecting societies, etc. If you feel this portal does not cover your area of expertise, please let us know via email: support@musicinafrica.net

Is my directory profile checked?

Yes. All profiles are moderated by our editors and moderators across Africa. Once published, users are notified immediately and all directory profile privileges are granted.

I am not a music professional - is this portal for me?

Yes. Music In Africa is for everyone interested or operating in the African music sector. If you do not find anything relevant to you at the moment, it’s because this is a limited release – please subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know when the portal is fully launched.

How do I contribute content

When the website is fully launched, knowledgeable individuals or businesses will be able to contribute relevant content. Such content will be published across the website’s main sections: Magazine, Directory, Resources or Education.

What countries does Music In Africa cover?

Our aim is to cover all of sub-Saharan Africa and then expand into North Africa in the next few years, depending on the availability of partners in the region. While we have started our coverage of sub-Saharan Africa with five countries (South Africa, DRC, Kenya, Senegal and Nigeria), the portal will always disseminate information that is relevant for the whole continent

Who owns the Music In Africa portal?

Music In Africa is owned and governed by the Music In Africa Foundation – a non-profit, pan-African organization. The foundation was formed in Kenya in July 2013 and officially registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) in South Africa in February 2014.

Is Music In Africa a commercial enterprise?

No. Music In Africa is a non-profit organisation.

Does Music In Africa sell music or offer downloads?

No. Music In Africa does not sell music or offer any music downloading services - we do not deal with music files. However, we are currently developing a special Music Discovery tool that will allow you to find and listen to music that already exists elsewhere on the web.  

I’ve spotted an error on the site - how can I correct it?

Simply go to the Contact Us page and send us your feedback.

I would like to get involved in Music In Africa - how can I do so?

Contact us at info@musicinafrica.net. We welcome all who believe in our initiative - from journalists to musicians, engineers to musicologists, cultural managers to event organizers, media houses to IT specialists, teachers to broadcasters - basically everyone!

How do I become a member of the Music In Africa Foundation?

We are currently adding a feature to this website that will allow users to apply online for membership. In the interim, all membership inquiries should be sent to membership@musicinafrica.net. Note that this is with regards to becoming a member of the Music In Africa Foundation and not a regular member or user of the website.