Firefest offers ticket discount for two top festivals

Two of Southern Africa's premier music festivals, AZGO in Mozambique on 22-23 May and MTN Bushfire in Swaziland 29-31 May are taking place soon on consecutive weekends as part of the unique southern African festival tour, the Firefest Route. Pioneered by MTN Bushfire, the Firefest Route is a Southern African tour circuit taking place during May and June each year. The selected group of festivals all share a common creative aesthetic and vision for arts development in the region.


The Firefest Route is made up of:

Speaking on behalf of the African Music Festivals Network (AMFN)/African Synergy Trust, the late Paul Brickhill once said: “The Firefest Route is regarded by AMFN as one of the most innovative and ground-breaking concepts today in African arts development.”

This year, music lovers can enjoy discounted ticket bundles, enabling them to visit both Swaziland’s MTN Bushfire and Mozambique’s AZGO festival to enjoy a diverse programme of music and arts culture across Southern African regions. AZGO will have some artists in common with Bushfire, including Turkey’s 123, Austrian duo Sweet Sweet Moon and Australia’s Black Jesus Experience. All of the artists confirmed for the various festivals reflect this wealth of talent and diversity from across the region and the international arena.

In order to provide locals and tourists alike a truly memorable and unparalleled opportunity to explore cultural art within the region, the Firefest Route enables people to purchase ticket bundles to more than one festival at discounted rates. The 2015 ticket bundle promotion includes MTN Bushfire in Swaziland and AZGO in Mozambique. Ticket bundles are going for R830 (US$70) for general admission and R1400 (US$115) for the Firefest Golden Lounge. Tickets will be available to purchase from All Out Africa in Malkerns, Swaziland and from Khuzula in Mozambique.


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