First headline artist for MTN Bushfire announced

Les Nubians’ Afropean revolution: the sound of a multicultural new world

Les Nubians will headline MTN Bushfire in 2015.
Les Nubians will headline MTN Bushfire in 2015.

In a world where teenagers in West Africa and Eastern Europe can share videos and mp3s on Youtube, a Sri Lankan urbanite is transformed by hip-hop and an American DJ re-mixes sounds out of a Brazilian favela, it is undeniable that the completely interconnected global village has arrived...

Swaziland’s highly acclaimed three-day music and arts festival is proud to announce Les Nubians as the first headline act for MTN Bushfire 2015 from 29 to 31 May 2015. MTN Bushfire, known for its eclectic and diverse music line-up is very excited to be able to host Les Nubians, thee Paris based Grammy Nominated artists that have become synonymous with a unique Afro/European neo-soul sound and style.

As one of the world’s most successful French language groups, Les Nubians’ newest album, Nu Revolution, perfectly sums up their pan-African approach and ethos. According to the band, “Africa is our past, present and future... This [album] is about accepting and rejoicing through our body and mind that Africa is vibrant and 10 000 000 times alive! Africa for the future also to say that we have to prepare the future of the continent. It’s in the now that we create the future. Action time is now!”

MTN Bushfire 2015 promises three days of music, art, personal expression and social activism that celebrates creative expression whilst promoting social responsibility, stimulating the economy and drawing talent and tourists from across Africa and around the world.

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