Gambia to host Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo will be performing in the Gambia for the first time on Saturday 22 April at Penchami Hall in capital city Banjul.

Eddy Kenzo will be performing in the Gambia. Photo: BBC.
Eddy Kenzo will be performing in the Gambia. Photo: BBC.

The East African star will be in the west African country for the fourth anniversary of the Manding Empire, a record label that doubles as official fan club of the artist Manding Morry, who will be performing alongside Eddy Kenzo.

Last year’s event saw performances by an assortment of Gambian stars including Jalex, ST and Bai Babu.  

Eddy Kenzo’s appearance at the event will tie into a world tour hinted at by the Ugandan star on social media earlier this year. The tour is expected to see him perform in Brazil and several countries in South America. A few weeks ago, he posted a picture ahead of his visiting Congo DR. “Kinshasha DRC see you soon,” he wrote as caption.

The BET award winning artist released his last single and video, ‘Jubilation’, in February.

“Through music,” said Eddy Kenzo upon release of the single, “I have found it paramount to give remedy... through doing happy music to sooth souls. In this video we forget all the problems we are faced with and decide to celebrate and rejoice by the grace of God.”

Advance tickets to the Manding Empire event are available at D350. VIP tickets: D700. Regular tickets at the gate: D400. Follow the Manding Empire Facebook page for updates.



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