Gambian artists in fight over unpaid fees

The Gambian music industry has split over events following the Independence Music Concert.


Reports say several artists confronted G-Faal, an executive member of the Gambia Association of Managers, Producers and Presenters (GAMPP) over performances at the Independence event for which they were not paid.

The confrontation, said to have been led by rapper T. Smallz, occurred at the Serekunda home of G-Faal. The incident is said to have left the latter bruised.

Apparently angry at the turn of events, Director of Fine and Performing Arts at the National Center for Arts and Culture, Sheikh Omar Jallow, advised the alleged victim to go to court.

“They are rebels and artist terrorists,” Jallow said about the attackers in an interview. “I therefore urge G-Faal to take the matter to the court. Such actions have no place in our industry and those artistes should dance to the tune.”

News from the Gambia say the parties involved have, however, chosen to settle the issue out of court.


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