Rebellion D’ Recaller: Gambian reggae is 'appreciated' internationally

Gambian reggae artist Rebellion D’ Recaller has said his country has one of the best array of singers of the reggae genre. What is needed, according to the artist, is some more work in promoting local talent.

Rebel D'Recaller
Rebel D'Recaller

His remarks were made during an interview by Observer Light where the artist who was born in France, alluded to his professional collaborations with his compatriots and others from elsewhere. “I have worked with different kinds of artistes and promoters, both nationally and internationally,” he said. “And most of them appreciate the work we do as Gambian artistes.”

 Rebellion D’ Recaller, who has earned comparisons to Jamaica's Sizzla, has played and performed around the world. His debut single ‘We Must Rebel’ made the reggae charts in Germany where it spent months.

The artist said I months some of his musical projects will be announced, with performances within and outside of Gambia. speaking further, he said he was involved in bringing some international musicians to The Gambia for concerts at to be held at the Independent Stadium and elsewhere.

“I’m closely working with my manager and promoter, Rock Base to do it for our nation,” he said. “You ‘dance ya yard before you dance abroad’. There is a need to put more effort to develop our country’s music industry, most especially availing the upcoming artistes the opportunity to showcase their talents.”

Reports say Sierra Leone may be welcoming the reggae star soon. His forthcoming concert is tagged ‘Smile Freetown’.


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