GHAMRO runs workshop for members

Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO), as led by Kojo Antwi, has established a partnership between the body and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in a move with a view to improving the managerial skills of right owners in Ghana.

Kojo Antwi
Kojo Antwi

The product of this partnership is a weeklong that started 10 August and ends 14 August. It is hoped that this workshop will revise and establish new paradigms for licensing, documentation, as well as distribution.

The program forms a part of GHAMRO’s development with an intention of running for two years according to the new leadership of the body. As part of the rewards of this partnership, GHAMRO now has a relatively comprehensive database. So far 2700 members are represented and the profiles of over a thousand have been updated.

A tariff structure for broadcasting, live performances, hotels, restaurants, drinking spots, banks and suchlike has been developed.

Working with GHAMRO on the project has been Leon Van Wyck, a consultant with WIPO. Van Wyck has earlier worked the South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO). The experience puts him in good stead. He also contributed to the founding of a foundation to develop young musicians in South Africa.

For his part, Antwi was invited to an international forum of collecting societies in Norway, where he shared his expectations and development plans.


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