Ghana’s Delasi collaborates with Kenyan producer

Delasi, the Ghanaian spoken word poet and performing artist, drew significant notice last year with the release of his debut album, “''#ThoughtJourney”.

Delasi has released the remix to 'Afemakpo'. Photo: Whisk Me Back
Delasi has released the remix to 'Afemakpo'. Photo: Whisk Me Back

Based in Kenya, Delasi has worked with a number of persons, described by an official release as “dope artists and producers.” Jinku, one of those producers, has now remixed 'Afemakpo', one of the songs taken from #ThoughtJourney. The collaboration is a notable one as Delasi has spoken about collaborating with more African artists including South Africa's Spoek Mathambo and Nigerian-German singer Nneka.

His music has been described as “soulful positive introspections and earnest singing” which “are complimented with a mix of jazzy boom-bap, sophisticated pop, and traditional African samples.” He merges soul with poetry, and sings in his native Ewe.

The remix retains the Ewe language lyrics of the original song, but the beat is ripped and reinvented by the Kenyan producer.

''To be honest,” says Jinku, explaining his approach to the remix, “I really struggled with this song, and I had almost given up. The original had this really great African sample and without that, I really wondered what I could create. So I tried to recreate that using Delasi's own vocals. I don't know the context of the song, to me it felt like a love song that was trapped in a tribal beat. I just wanted it to be sensual and Delasi's words to be felt more than the beat, so I gave the song more space. I just imagined I was scoring an intimate dance scene between two star crossed lovers."

Listen to 'Afemakpor' (Jinku Remix) below.


In related news, the 'Adabraka Girls' singer has announced on social media that plans are underway to release the video for 'Amedeke Menyao', also off the #ThoughtJourney album.


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