Ghana’s Nuru goes autobiographical on new song

Ahead of his next major release, Ghanaian rapper Nuru of 'Mali Zani' fame has released a record based on his life. On ‘My World’ the blogger turned rapper leads listeners through his experiences and the struggle his life was growing up.


"This right here is a real life situation," he begins. "It’s not a song for the charts, it’s a song from the heart." The artist then raps about a less than desirable upbringing, telling his audience of the domestic violence suffered by his mother. On the Bush Beat produced record, singer Araya backs up Nuru’s autobiographical lines with emotive vocals and together they convey one young man’s memory of a peculiar childhood.

‘My World Freestyle’ is the latest from the rapper who only a few months ago was known almost entirely as a blogger. Now he works as a publicist alongside his budding music career. The change in jobs came with a change in name. Formerly known as Xtreme GH, he became Nuru (formed from his birthname Mac-Abubakar Abdul-Nuru) around the time of release of his breakout single 'Mali Zani' featuring rapper Edem.

Speaking recently in an interview, Nuru disclosed that, he is set to release his next single, 'Born To Win' featuring Ghanaian duo, Ruff N Smooth sometime in December. "The year has almost ended and I decided to do a song to thank my creator," he said about the forthcoming single. "'Born To Win' is not the usual hip-hop jam I am known for. It's an Afrobeat song."

The single 'Born to Win' is expected to lead to Nuru's debut album Lighting, which has been scheduled for a 2016 release.


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