Ghana: D-Black signs Wisa and others to his label

Black Avenue Muzik, the record label owned by rapper, music producer and enterpreneur D-Black, held a brunch in Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on 20 February to mark the signing of Wisa Greid and two other artists.


The other artists signed on to the label along with Wisa, who is famous for his song, 'Ekiki Me', are Singlet, a vocalist from Takoradi, and a young artist named Dahlin Gage.

Black Avenue Muzik, which used to be Joey B and Dee Money's label, started teasing the signing of the new artists in the middle of 2016. Dee Money left the label in January 2012, one year after signing, due to disagreement about deals. The label responded by saying the split was amicable.

Rumors of an acrimonious split between artist and label boss also followed Joey D’s departure last year, which D-Black addressed, saying, “Well nothing really happened, it wasn’t like we fought or something. Joey was my neighbor for like ten years so, me signing him wasn’t like a business deal for me. It was just for personal help.

“So he worked with me for the first time on my Vera song, then I later helped produced his Strawberry ginger, Cigarette and then Tonga. After Tonga, he said he wanted to leave, and I gave him my blessing. Indeed, Joey and I are still cool.”

The actual signing of the new artists took place in December 2016.



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