Ghana DJ Awards names nominees

Nominees for the 2016 edition of the Ghana DJ Awards have been announced. Scheduled to take place on Friday 18 March, the awards were created to reward Ghanaian DJs who have done noteworthy work during the preceding year.

DJ Black has the most nominations heading to the 2016 Ghana DJ Awards
DJ Black has the most nominations heading to the 2016 Ghana DJ Awards

As news of the announcement hit social media, congratulations spread among the DJ community in Ghana, with fans sending shout-outs to their favourite DJs who made the anticipated list. The organisers had earlier revealed on their Facebook page that since the call for submission of entries opened on 7 January 2016 till its closure on 25 January, they "received an incredible 6 021 entries of entries from DJs all over the world spanning the various categories."

In recent years the award show itself has been dominated by the Nigeria-bred DJ Black, who has won the award’s top honour, Best DJ of the Year, three consecutive years since 2013. A well decorated practitioner of the scratching art, DJ Black dominates the 2016 nominee list, with five nominations: Best DJ of the Year, Mixtape of Year, Best Video Jockey of the Year, Best Male Radio DJ and Scratch DJ of the Year.

DJ Vyrusky and DJ Mensah come in second place with four nominations. Both are nominated for the prestigious Best DJ of the Year, where DJs Collins, Mic Smith and Kaxtro close up the list.

As males dominate the general categories, and perhaps the profession itself, a category for female DJs sees seven female DJs vie for the Best Female DJ and another five are in contention for Best Female Radio DJ. The list of nominees is, however, inconclusive as a final category, DJs' Song of The Year, is yet to be announced. 

The full list of nominees is as follows:

Best DJ of The Year
  • Mr Kaxtro
  • DJ Black
  • DJ Mensah
  • DJ Vyrusky
  • DJ Mic Smith
  • DJ Andy Dosty
  • DJ Collins
Best Video Jockey of The Year
  • DJ Xpliff
  • Billie Ocean
  • DJ Asante
  • DJ Black
Mobile DJ of the Year
  • DJ Skelle
  • DJ Foe
  • DJ Rudebwoy
  • DJ Mac Tontoh
  • DJ Collins
Best Club MC of the Year
  • Sheldon
  • Ogee The MC
  • MC Kay
  • MC Miguel
  • Johnny Stone & Lyrical
Mixtape DJ of the Year
  • DJ Minni
  • DJ Mensah
  • DJ Black
  • DJ Kaxtro
  • DJ Nyce
  • DJ Vyrusky
Best Campus DJ of the Year
  • DJ Sleek
  • DJ Ernie
  • AD DJ
  • DJ Lord
  • DJ Snipes
Best Int. Ghanaian DJ
  • DJ Invisible
  • DJ Paak
  • DJ Abrante
  • DJ Gem
  • DJ Champagne
  • DJ Bretuoba
  • DJ Que Boogie
  • DJ Donnet
Best Night Club DJ of The Year
  • DJ Kenny
  • MrKaxtro
  • Frenchkiss DJ
  • DJ Money
Best Female DJ
  • DJ Teena
  • DJ MJ
  • DJ Kess
  • DJ Nyce
  • DJ Keyz
  • DJ Tipsy
  • Mz Orstin
Best Male Radio DJ
  • DJ Kofi
  • Mr Kaxtro
  • DJ Bass
  • Papa Bills
  • DJ GFT
  • DJ Slim
  • DJ Black
  • Andy Dosty
  • Imature
  • Sammy Forson
Best International Non Ghanaian DJ
  • DJ Jimmy Jatt
  • DJ Neptune
  • DJ Divalash
Best Hi-Life DJ
  • Candyman
  • DJ Andy Dosty
  • Dave Hammer
  • Micky Darling
  • Dr Spice
  • DJ Koffi
Best Gospel DJ
  • Yellow Man
  • DJ Kofi
  • Old Soldier
  • Agyemang
  • KOK
  • DJ Sarpee
  • Brother Markus
  • DJ Tyma
Best Female Radio DJ Of The Year
  • Ohemaa
  • Doreen Andoh
  • Naa Klordey
  • Justina Ansah
  • Jessica Opare-Saforo
Best Music Promoter of the Year
  • DJ Kofi Temafada
  • DJ Blay
  • Kwame B
  • Mr Shark
  • DJ Advicer
  • DJ Mixx
  • DJ Nature
Reggae/Dancehall DJ
  • DJ Manni
  • Conscious Queen
  • King Lagazee
  • Fiifi Selah
  • Bongo I
  • Empress Lomo
  • Ras Bonti
  • Rudebwoy
  • DJ Nature 1
Best Hiplife DJ Of The Year
  • DJ Police
  • DJ Slim
  • DJ Advicer
  • Mr Shark
  • DJ Reuben
  • DJ Collins
  • DJ Azonto
  • DJ Phletch
Best Pub DJ Award
  • DJ Ricky Augustine
  • DJ Mac Tontoh
  • DJ Atopa
  • DJ Godday
  • DJ Kay
  • DJ Sakawa
  • DJ Skinny
  • DJ Lens
DJ Discovery 
  • DJ Massive
  • DJ Wabs
  • DJ Putin
  • DJ Mitchy
  • DJ Last Kobo
  • DJ Shiwaawa
  • DJ EllaDeeVa
  • DJ K-Crackk
  • DJ TKay
Best Event DJ
  • DJ Mic Smith
  • MrKaxtro
  • DJ Mensah
  • DJ Vyrusky
  • DJ Gunshot
  • DJ Page
  • DJ Mono
  • DJ Godday
  • DJ Slim
Artiste DJ of the Year
  • DJ Lotto Bills
  • DJ Mensah
  • DJ Page
  • DJ Justice
  • DJ Rudebwoy
  • DJ Shiwaawa
  • DJ Vyrusky
Scratch DJ of the Year
  • Mr Kaxtro
  • DJ Black
  • DJ Bass
  • DJ Que
  • DJ Bryte
  • DJ Masta J
  • DJ Gospol


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