Ghana to host Sisqo and Dru Hill

Popular 1990s R&B group Dru Hill and its breakout star Sisqo will be performing in Ghana 19 December. The group is headlining the 2015 edition of the yearly ‘Back in the Day’ concerts.

Dru Hill
Dru Hill

The ‘Back in the Day’ event started three years ago and has since become an annual commemoration of music and musicians from the past. It gives the audience a chance at enjoying songs and stars from way back. With Dru Hill performing this December the organisers have promised a great show, urging fans to connect to the past not just through the music but through donning 1990s vogue outfits as well.

“Get your KarlKani and Fila boots ready,” organiser Empire Entertainment said in a statement, “your afro hair, jelly curls, half bow and punk hairs done. Look for your Fubu baggy jeans, Pepe and Pele Pele t-shirts and let’s relive old school days as Sisqo together with the other members of Dru Hill thrill you with old time hits such as ‘Unleash The Dragon’, ‘Thong Song’, ‘Dance for Me’, ‘Incomplete’, ‘Never Make A Promise’, ‘In my Bed’ and so many more.”

Formed in the early 1990s and with a self-titled debut in 1996, the group Dru Hill is a US group that became famous after a number of hit songs from its first two albums. The group went on a hiatus after its second album with lead singer Sisqo having a brief successful run of hits. Some of his songs including ‘Thong Song’ and ‘Unleash the Dragon’ became major hits the world over. The group later came together, with some change in personnel, and released its last studio record, Indrupendence Day, in 2010.

Expectedly, the concert organisers have high hopes. “Fans should expect nothing less," Empire Entertainment said, "with the fast approaching third edition of Back in the Day Concert as American hiphop group Dru Hill with its lead singer Sisqo get ready to give off every single pint of their energy….The whole nation will be completely shut down!”

Watch Sisqo talk about coming to Ghana below.

The 2015 edition of the Back in the Day concerts holds 19 December.


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