History is made as the Plantashun Boyz reunite for Hennessy

Legendary Hip-Hop and R+B band, Plantashun Boyz, stage a one night reunion at the Hennessy Artistry grand finale concert.

Plantashun Boyz on stage at the Hennessy Artistry Concert. Image: Courtesy of thenet.com
Plantashun Boyz on stage at the Hennessy Artistry Concert. Image: Courtesy of thenet.com

The Plantashun Boyz were quite simply one of Nigeria's hottest boy bands of the late 1990's and early 2000's. Their blend of high quality vocals and catchy lyrics, often delivered in Native pidgin English or Idoma and at least on one occasion in Yourba language, won over a huge national and sub-regional fan-base. The band sadly split up in 2003, spawning three incredible solo careers from its members. These being Blackface, Faze and the inimitable Tuface Idibia. Of the three however, Tuface was unarguably the most successful, with a string of hits and awards to his name in the last 10 years. Blackface and Faze however, were no push-over, equally tallying up hits and awards in the aftermath of the break-up. There were also murmurs of competition and feuds between the ex-band members, inspite of their separately successful careers. However many loyal fans reminisced for the unique genius that was the co-operative effort of these three outstanding musical talents.

Their prayers were to be answered on Saturday, 6 December 2014, when the legends staged a reunion concert at the Hennessy Artistry Grand finale concert, held at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island Lagos. The concert started with Tuface being invited on stage to perform as advertised. He ran through his now familiar song list, but shocked the teeming crowd in attendance, when he introduced his two co-travellers on the Plantashun Boyz train on to the stage to join him. Their loyal fans were not to be disappointed, as they thrilled the audience with their much-loved sound catalogue, with songs like "Iwo ni mofe" , "Cousins cousin" and more.

It is necessary to mention that the band had indeed reunited twice, once in 2007 and the other time in 2012, however this performance was significant in its being a complete surprise to the fans in attendance. The band were also reported, by sources close to them, to be working on some new material. Could a new album be planned? Well, watch this space.





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