Hoja Zetu, new song featuring three generations

By Stanley Gazemba


‘Hoja Zetu’, a new song featuring three generations of musicians, was recorded last week at Ketebul Studio and is set to be released. The brain-child of John Katana of Them Mushrooms band, the song was meant to address the challenges in the Kenyan music industry and act as a bridge between the new generation of musicians and the older generation who came before them, but who are largely ignored in the mainstream media.

The musicians featuring in the unique project include John Nzenze, a veteran of the ‘twist’ years, John Katana, who represents the generation that came after Nzenze’s, and Avril, representing the current generation of musicians. A host of other musicians participated in the recording, including Them Mushroom’s Teddy Kalanda on keyboards and Kombo Chokwe’s Afrosimba Band on percussions.


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