Jidenna: It’s Nigeria’s moment

As Nigerian artists get more exposure out of Africa, Nigerian-American pop artist Jidenna has said that it is Nigeria’s time to occupy an important space in the global pop industry.

Jidenna. Photo: Billboard
Jidenna. Photo: Billboard

The “Classic Man” was speaking in an interview with CNN covering his relationship with his father’s country among other topics.

“I think it's Nigeria's moment, it's Africa's moment. I think Nigeria is a spearhead because Nigerians seem to be charged full of character so people are eating it up all across the world,” he said.

Since a controversy involving the singer, whose full name is Jidenna Mobbisson, he has increasingly projected Nigeria in a positive light. A few months ago, he staged his first concert in Nigeria and has recorded a song, ‘A Little More’, featuring Nigerian pidgin.

Speaking about that song to CNN, he said, “I wanted to see [if] in the US, I can get a song on the radio that actually has pidgin in it? And I did it.”

The singer’s debut album which is expected next year is titled ‘Long Live the Chief’ and will have several sounds including hip hop, soul and Nigerian pop. “You can dance and shoki to it, in the larger context my album blends the different worlds that I've lived in,” he said.

Jidenna discusses his Nigerian influences, saying, “I have all these proverbs stored in my head. My friends always laugh because they're like you're always trying to preach and teach something to us."

He added that: "I grew up with all these proverbs and I have to share it, I think it's the values and principles that makes my Nigerian identity a part of me stand out.”

See full interview here.


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