Kenya’s June Gachui to launch debut album

On Tuesday 30 August Kenyan soul singer June Gachui will launch her debut album, Twenty Years, at the Kenya National Theatre.

Kenyan artist June Gachui. Photo:
Kenyan artist June Gachui. Photo:

The title refers to her two-decade work as an artist. In those years, Gachui’s musical style has been anything but static. “It has taken 20 years to find this version of me," she says, "and this feels like just the right time. It is time."

Along with being a testament to her experience, the 12-track album is also an expression of Gachui's contagious persona. Her ultimate goal with the album is for fans—both new and old— to relate to the stories told by each song.

Gachui grew up in a home that appreciated music. She began performing at school and at church where her talent was first spotted. Her exposure to different styles including a large cross-section of artists from Europe, the US and Africa was enhanced when her family lived overseas during her formative years. 

Since then, she has ably performed classical soprano and alto pieces as well as sung in choirs. Her love for old school jazz standards from the 1930s led her to experiment and interpret the songs her way. She has since built a reputation in the live music scene across Kenya. A multi-talented individual June is also an actress and has starred in various theatre plays. She is also an accomplished intellectual property lawyer, having served as General Manager of the Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP).

At the launch of Twenty Years, June will be joined by a number of Kenyan artists including Bill Blinky of Just a Band, the all-female band The Flower Project and budding singer-songwriter Olivia Ambani.

Tickets to the Twenty Years album launch cost KES.3500 for regular tickets and KES. 5000 for VIP tickets. For more information visit the artist’s website.   



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