Them Mushrooms and Kwame Rigii for Nairobi concert

Two generations of Kenyan music will share a stage as the Afro Jazz Legends concert at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi on Friday 5 August.

Kenyan artist Kwame Rigii. Photo by Sucre Pix
Kenyan artist Kwame Rigii. Photo by Sucre Pix

Long-serving band Them Mushrooms and up-and-coming singer Kwame Rigii are lined up to perform at the event. 

Them Mushrooms has outlived many groups without losing their focus as a creative and performing band. Five brothers - Teddy Kalanda Harrison, Billy Sarro Harrison, the late George Zirro Harrison, John Katana Harrison and the late Dennis Kalume Harrison - founded the group in 1972. 

Their biggest hit - ‘Jambo Bwana’ - was recorded in 1980 and earned platinum status with sales exceeding 200 000 between 1982 and 1987. For several decades, the song has been an anthem on the tourist circuit and remains popular today, both locally and abroad.  During the band's formative years they would perform regularly along Mombasa Island's beach hotel circuit. In 1987 they shifted their attention to Nairobi.

The band has released 12 albums and have collaborated with many of the nation's stars. One of Kenya’s most successful bands, their impact is evident in every discipline that constitutes the music business in Kenya.


Kwame's soulful music addresses issues that pertain to life and society in general. In 2009 he released his debut single ‘Mola’. In 2010 he was one of several artists in Nairobi who collaborated on the Majuto project that recorded music to promote good health for all Kenyans. His latest single ‘Aki Wewe’ was released in 2015.


The concert kicks off at 6pm. Tickets are KES 1000 at the door.  For more information visit the event age


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