Kenyan label Atwal Music launches online Beat Store

A new online store for up-and-coming artists and producers to purchase fresh beats has been launched by Kenyan label Atwal Music.

Atwal Music founder Atwal Adok. Photo: Atwal Music / Facebook
Atwal Music founder Atwal Adok. Photo: Atwal Music / Facebook

After selling numerous pieces of music to many different artists for the past five years, Nairobi-based Atwal Music has come up with a simple alternative for artists and producers to access beats at their convenience. It's called the Beat Store.

The online store allows any artist or producer to easily purchase quality, affordable and licensed beats on the go.

Atwal Adwok, founder and CEO at Atwal Music and a producer by profession, says he hopes the store will make it possible for artists and producers to create music in the simplest way possible using the convenience of modern technology. “I wanted to make beats available to those that couldn’t afford them in the conventional manner," he explained. "I wanted to create a simple way for artists to buy beats, as opposed to dealing directly with a producer or entity.”

The Beat Store will also provide a platform for producers to sell their beats. Producers can submit their music for consideration and get featured on the Beat Store. Producers will reserve the right to include their audio signatures on all beats sold and will be credited as the producers of the beats during distribution. Upon the purchase of exclusive or premium packages, the producer will work on the music with the artist/s alone, with little to no intervention from an external entity that could potentially jeopardize the quality of the music. 

The Atwal Music Beat Store offers various types of subscriptions: 

  • Regular subscriptions cost between $19.99 and $49.99 and include MP3 and WAV beats and some personal assistance.
  • Exclusive subscriptions cost $69.99 to $99.99 and include uncompressed WAVs, mixing and masters, personal assistance and one alteration to the track.
  • Premium subscribers pay between $99.99 and $129.99 to have access to this as well as a studio recording session and up to three alterations.

According to the label's website, every premium or exclusive project must be completed within a period of six months after purchase of the beat. After six months, Atwal Music is no longer obligated to pursue the project any further, unless the artist renews payment for the beat.

Upon the completion of any project, the artist is entitled to a three-piece product (instrumental, acapella and full audio), which is to be collected at any time within the six-month period. This can also include of a clean performance version of the track, upon request.

To make it even better, all beats purchased from the store will come with complimentary mixing and mastering of the entire track. 

To learn more visit the Atwal Music Beat Store’s website.


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