Kidum may feature in IOM migrant campaign

By Stanley Gazemba


Multi-award-winning musician Kidum is being considered as one of the musicians to feature in the International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s upcoming immigrant campaign.

The campaign is aimed at countering the rising xenophobia attacks and negative perceptions of migrants all over the world. The campaign will address the ways in which migrants contribute to the economies of both their host countries and their countries of origin. It will be run on social media on the #MigrantHeroes hashtag.

Kidum, a highly-rated crooner, was born in Burundi but is based in Kenya, where his music career blossomed as an immigrant. At one point he considered joining politics back home in Burundi but it didn’t work out, and he went back to his first love, music. He has collaborated with other top musicians in the region in releasing chart-topping hits, among them Tanzania’s Lady Jaydee on their popular ‘Nitafanya’ hit.


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