KigaliUp! festival to mark sixth edition in Rwanda's capital

The sixth edition of the annual KigaliUp! festival returns to Kigali, Rwanda between Friday 29 and Sunday 31 July, with an exciting line-up of both international and local artists performing at Amahoro Stadium and the Kigali Car Free Zone.

Cameroonian artist Kareyce Fotso. Photo:
Cameroonian artist Kareyce Fotso. Photo:

Cameroonian singer Kareyce Fotso, American acts Skyler Jett (from The Commodores) and Quantum Split and South African reggae band One People Band are slated to headline the festival, while local favourites like Christopher Muneza will be performing alongside rising star Yvan Buravan, female rapper Oda Paccy, Herman Worshipers, Eric Mucyo, Everly and Kid Garden.

Speaking to local media outlet Rwanda Focus, festival organier Mighty Popo said the main purpose of the festival is to promote products made in Rwanda. He explained that KigaliUp! is a festival and an exhibition at the same time, and the first to value products made in Rwanda. "We are proud to see that the government is now focusing on locally-made products through the ‘Made in Rwanda’ policy,” he said.

Quantum Split is a rock n’ roll band based in New York City in the US. The band is led by lead singer and songwriter Soleil Laurent, who is joined by Adrian Reed lead guitar, Ivan Hardy on bass and Anthony Anderson on drums. Their fresh and groundbreaking sound showcases musical influences that music lovers from all genres can appreciate.

Skyler Jett is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter and vocal producer. He has recorded and performed for many well-known artists, including Celine Dion on the Grammy-winning hit 'My Heart Will Go On' from the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. Jett also runs his own companies, Music Can Save The World Corp and First Kiss Records, a new niche record company that provides songs for the wedding industry.

Central figures in South African reggae over the past 30 years, the One People Band have performed under many names. First they were The Slaves. Then, after Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa, they changed their name to Free at Last. After the death of their lead vocalist, global reggae icon Lucky Dube, the band continued his legacy under a new name: the One People Band.

KigaliUp festival aims at not only entertaining locals and tourists, but also to give a perspective of what the city of Kigali has to offer, from traditional food to African arts. The event brings together musicians from all over the world on the same stage. For more information visit the KigaliUp! Facebook page.


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