Leading archives in Kenya partner to host classic music tunes library

Pan-African online media agency Africa 24 (A24), which connects the rest of the world with content production resources and information from and about Africa, has partnered with Al Records Kenya Limited to host Africa's premiere library of classic tunes. The library is hosted by AI records and is accessible at no cost for individuals interested in music.

The late South African artist, Miriam Makeba. Photo: www.mirror.co.uk
The late South African artist, Miriam Makeba. Photo: www.mirror.co.uk

This collaboration by the two biggest archives in Africa to make content that is both educational, as well as entertaining available is great news for broadcasters, mobile phone content providers, VOD platforms, TV music shows and those celebrating historic events.  Classic music videos, great moments of African history as well as blasts from the past African music styles and trends from the last five decades will be availed.

This should in turn spur new musical concepts and ideas for the continent to continue producing great musical sounds. Africa24 Media boasts exclusive access to the 50 year old Camerapix Ltd archive which boasts of  historic events such as Bokassa's coronation and Bob Marley's Zimbabwe Independence concert. Queen Elizabeth's visit to Kenya - as well as the East African Safari rally and even scenes from Zanzibar in the 1960s,1970s and 1980s are among the content available in the A24 Media's archive. 

On the other hand Al Records that specializes in the sale of domestic and imported CD’s and DVD’s to customers all over East Africa will bring classics such as ‘Pole Mze’ by Miriam Makeba; ‘Bwana Nipe Pesa’ from Van Rosi; Them Mushrooms’ hit ‘Ujirani Mwema’ by the incomparable Mbarak Mwinshene and the unforgettable tribute to African beauty ‘Malaika’ of TB Eagles Band Lupopo.

 ‘When I hear Africa's classic melodies they take me back to my childhood, when everything here seems new. I think of riding my bike down Nairobi's old avenues, listening to greats like Them Mushrooms and Remmy Ongala. Married up with A24 Media’s videos, these will move people like me to relive the old days, while my kids can learn a little history," Africa24 Media’s Asif Sheikh says of the new library.

On the hand Al Records Chief John Andrews says ‘when I started looking through A24’s visual library, I thought: Wow.  I didn't know anyone had even shot some of that stuff, let alone saved it. I can't wait to see what we can do with these songs that are so dear to my heart, and videos I never expected to see.  To find out more about the classical tunes visit A24 Media’s website


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