Malawian artists embark on gender awareness campaign

Malawian musicians Tay Grin and KBG have added their voices in the wake of increasing gender inequality in the country. The two hip hop artists aired their grievances through gender equality movement HeForShe.

Tay Grin and KBG support gender equality in Malawi.
Tay Grin and KBG support gender equality in Malawi.

 “I believe that discrimination against women and girls is wrong, that violence against them is unacceptable and that they should have an equal access to social, political and economic opportunities,” Tay Grin told

 “As artists we are role models and have a responsibility to use our platforms to deliver positive and encouraging messages.”

As part of the initiative, Tay Grin visited pupils at a local school in Dedza last week. In the company of KBG, who had developed graphic illustrations to drive home the message, the two musicians informed and inspired students about the importance of gender equality in and outside school.

The two artists are looking forward to holding similar events at various schools across Malawi. This is in an effort to achieve social and behavioural change among boys at primary school level.

Malawi is among the many countries in Africa known for rampant gender imbalances, although inequality is said to have been ameliorated during former president Joyce Banda`s rule between 2012 and 2014. Activists in Malawi are also said to be making strides in ensuring gender equality.

In a country made up of many ethnic groups, cultural practices such as early child marriage are blamed for hindering girls’ progress in education. The United Nations, through its different arms, is striving at eradicating these detrimental practices.


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