Mozambican capital to host 4th Festa da Música

Nations all over the world are celebrating the annual Fête de la Musique this week to mark World Music Day on 21 June, with festivities taking place in South Africa, Burkina Faso and Cameroon, among many other places.

Some of the artists performing at this year's Festa da Música in Maputo, Mozambique.
Some of the artists performing at this year's Festa da Música in Maputo, Mozambique.

In Mozambique’s capital of Maputo, the fourth edition of the Festa da Música takes place on Saturday 18 June at the French-Mozambican Cultural Centre (better known as the Centro Cultural Franco-Mozambicain or CCFM).

The Fête de la Musique has existed in France for over 30 years. In Maputo the event has been adapted to the local context by providing the Mozambican public with a free music event showcasing artists a wide variety of genres for all tastes and ages. Each year there are more than 1200 people enjoy the Festa da Música at the CCFM. The main objectives of the festival are to promote Mozambican music by both recognized artists and young talent and to celebrate the diversity of musical styles in the country.

This year’s event offers an eclectic line-up and a wide range of music genres ranging from classical and traditional to hip-hop,  jazz, rock and reggae. Artists due to perform this year include students form the National School of Music, Orquestra e Coro Xiquitsi, Aula De Marrabents (ft. Judith Novela and Eugenio Junior), Matchume Zango & Orquestra Amadora Da Unidade 7, Deltino Guerreiro (following his recent performance at Azgo festival), Rhodalia Silvestre, Moticoma, Xixel Langa & Banda, Queen Sheba, Simba and last but not least the Mute Band.

Last year’s third edition featured the likes of Gran’mah, Roberto Chitsondzo and Neyma.

This year’s event will again offer a varied programme with the intention of attracting the general public, including children and young people, creating a family atmosphere amidst the picturesque gardens surrounding the CCFM. Besides the music there will be a craft fair, good food and fun kids activities, including drumming lessons, storytelling and the construction of traditional music instruments.

The festival is co-hosted by the CCFM and the French Embassy, ​​with the support of Total, Société Générale, Namaacha Water, Gil Vicente Café Bar, Backline and Cidade FM.


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