Music and photography at Lagos City Hall

Saturday 24 July saw Lagosians turn out under the night sky to attend Fotoparty, an event featuring photography and music on the rooftop of City Hall, one of the city’s iconic buildings and home to Goethe-Institut Nigeria.

Partygoers atop Lagos City Hall
Partygoers atop Lagos City Hall

The night’s music, a mishmash of electronic and old school tunes as supplied by DJ Afrologic, serenaded the City Hall crowd. A djembe, played on the night by Samson Olawale, leader of percussion-folk band Iroko, accompanied the canned sound, providing a live and traditional touch to the evening’s proceedings. Photos were projected on the rooftop’s walls and floors amid blue and red lights, lending the atmosphere a somewhat psychedelic look.

‘Photography, music, dance and palmwine,’ said Marc-Andre Schmachtel, director of Goethe-Institut Nigeria, sponsor of the event. ‘We are giving young photographers a platform. And in subsequent editions we hope to get young DJs as well – as a follow-up to the Soundscape concert.’

Speaking between spins, DJ Afrologic said: ‘The combination of photography and music is lovely. I've never seen it before now. I think it has great potential.’

Asked about the inclusion of the djembe weaving through the dancing throng, the DJ added: ‘the djembe adds a natural element to my afro-based music.’

A small box for donations kept beside a sizable container of palmwine appeared to be considerably full at the end of the event. ‘People want to get involved,’ Jude Anogwih, one of the organisers, said. Schmachtel may agree: a second edition of 'Fotoparty' is being considered for September.


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