Music Crossroads hosts Management Training workshop in Mozambique

In the framework of the African Music Development Programme (AMDP)Music Crossroads Mozambique in partnership with the International Music Council (IMC) held the first and second phases of their Music Management Training workshops at the Centro de Recursos Juvenis (Mozarte) in Maputo, Mozambique from 1 to 10 December 2015.

A scene from the recent workshop hosted by MCA Mozambique. Photo:
A scene from the recent workshop hosted by MCA Mozambique. Photo:

The training was facilitated by the well-known music producer José Da Silva (aka Djo da Silva) from Cape Verde. Participating in this course were 30 people - among them musicians, producers and music managers. During the workshop, the participants learned several matters related to music management and also got the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences.

According to Djo, the course was a good experience for both speaker and listeners, considering that they had the possibility to both show their talents but also discuss their difficulties in order to receive advice from more experienced professionals. The participants later said they were able to learn a lot during these 10 days with Djo and are now motivated to work harder to achieve their musical dreams.

On the last day, the training was given by Djo da Silva’s latest signed musician, Elida Almeida. The singer and composer from Cape Verde was discovered by Djo da Silva a year ago and during their collaboration she has proven to be a great talent with much success. The recent winner of the prestigious international RFI Discoveries Award, Elida shared stories from her past and different struggles she has had so far in her musical career, painting a picture of where she started and where her hard work has taken her. It both inspired and touched the participants, some even ended up in tears. This dynamic conversation ended with a small performance by Elida and by some of the participants who were eager to show their musical talents.

Some of the participants also got the opportunity to perform later in the evening at a jam session session held at the Associação dos Músicos Moçambicanos to mark the end of the successful training. This was also a wonderful success, according to those who were watching the show, which featured the Crossroads Girls Band. MCA Mozambique later expressed their thanks for the sucessful training week, which was filled with learning, inspiration and sharing music.


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