Music meets fashion in Accra

Ghana's capital city Accra will, on the evening of 25 November, host ‘Joie de Vivre’, a 2-hour event that brings together fashion, poetry and live music. Venue for the event is the city’s Alliance Française premises.

Designs from Joie de Vivre
Designs from Joie de Vivre

Joe de Vivre, as brought to the Accra audience by RIOHS Originate, a creative art service and training institute, celebrates the evolution of style, diversity and heritage as influenced by creativity and culture.

According to the organisers, “Uniquely cut and stitched patterns stylized into leading-edge costumes by RIOHS Originate’s 3 months fashion design students will be catwalked by the designers themselves. The idea is to explore how the creatives “embody” their own art in full spirits of charisma to connect with the audience.”

RIOHS Originate is famously known for its proficient plan which enables students to graduate after just 6 MONTHS of training in fashion design and illustration with the necessary skills like sensitivity to image, style and colour influenced by accuracy and consistency.

Joie de Vivre is part of La PailloteTapkepke, a monthly event organized by Alliance Française Accra to promote young cultural actors with unique projects that involve the blending of several art forms. The show will be directed by Abdul Karim Hakib.

Live music will be delivered by Adomaa and poetry by poets Poetra Asantewa, Dzyadzorm, Akosua Hanson, and Apiorkor. The show promises a lively runway communicating unique lifestyles and a desire for self-expression under the theme of Innovative elegance.

Joie de Vivre takes place Wednesday 25 November at Alliance Française Accra, La Paillote Stage.


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