Musicians Union of the Gambia elects executive

The executive committee of the Musicians Union of the Gambia (MUSIGAM) has been elected. The committee will manage the affairs of the union for the next three years.

The Musicians Union of the Gambia congress
The Musicians Union of the Gambia congress

The election was carried out on 1 July by the MUSIGAM congress. The electoral process was judged “free, fair and transparent” by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), which was supported by the National Centre for Arts and Culture.

There is an indication that the Gambian elections took place without the rancour routinely dogging similar contests in other western African countries like Nigeria and Ghana. In the former country, controversies and court cases have weakened the power and influence of the Performing Musicians Employers' Association of Nigeria. In the latter country, the Musicians’ Union of Ghana remains relevant, but the last election cycle was marred with squabbles between candidates vying for the MUSIGA presidency.

By contrast, the Musicians Union of Gambia appears to have carried out its elections without much by way of adverse incidents. And following the elections, the union released an official statement thanking “all the Gambian musicians and everyone else who were present to make the Congress a productive one as well as those who couldn't be present due to circumstances best known to them. We apologise to those who failed to get the information reaching them on time.”

Among the elected committee are the famed kora-pop player Jaliba Kuyateh who was elected president, and Jalex Malang Touray (popularly known as Jalex) who was elected Vice President 4 (Representative of Contemporary Musicians.)

Full list of the members of the MUSIGAM executive below:

Jaliba Kuyateh
Vice President 1
(Representative of Cultural Musicians)
Alhaji Mbaye
Vice President 2
(Representative of Live Bands)
Abdoulie Leigh
Vice President 3
(Representative of Female Musicians)
Sambou Suso
Vice President 4
(Representative of Contemporary Musicians)
Jalex Malang Touray
Secretary General
Abdul Kabirr Laye Ngum
Assistant Secretary General
Sheriff Saihou Kanuteh
Fayer Ngum
Public Relations Officer
Muhammed Sumareh
Programme Coordinator
Kalilu Banja


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