Mziiki: Powered by the Rhythms of Africa

Mziiki, Africa’s largest African-music streaming app and mobi site, site gains traction

With an exponential growth, Mziiki is the only African music streaming service that offers such an extraordinary and diverse array of African musical talent alongside international content, and all for free.

The rhythms of Africa are freely available via the Mziiki app across the globe and the catalogue so far encompasses hundreds of exclusively licensed African artists.

The app (available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) was launched in 2014 and has since grown strongly with a broad appeal to users, artists and cellular networks across Africa and increasingly, globally.

From the start Mziiki placed the artists at its core and African artists in particular. The catalogue is full of international voices, music and sounds but it meets African users’ needs by providing the broadest and deepest range of African musical content.

Mziiki is the ideal place to visit for fresh sounds and unique talent. It’s a space packed full of gifted artists that are accessible to millions, and is perfectly timed to take advantage of the trend in rising mobile adoption and data usage across the continent.

“The Mziiki app gives the user an ideal space to discover, experience and listen to a wide assortment of music. Searching and listening are easy,” says Arun Nagar, CEO of Spice VAS Africa, the developers of Mziiki. “It is the modern way of staying in touch with music and users love the fact that they can try out new talent for free. Our artists are passionate about the brand too as they get to reach their fans directly.”

The app can share to Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and copy to share the URL, whilst the mobi site allows for sharing to Facebook and Twitter so users can spread the word on the best tracks and artists. The app also has a dedication feature that allows users to Dedicate a track to someone via their mobile number or email address. These features allow for an artist’s work to reach new ears, across Africa and the globe.

Mziiki is easy to use and has the largest database of streaming African talent in the world. It is the space where African artists go to launch their careers alongside names like Rose Muhando, Jazzman Olofin and Ukoo Flani. Recent additions to the streaming catalogue include hip-hop star Nonini from Kenya, afrobeat and reggae musician Chameleone from Uganda and Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania. More artists are being added to Mziiki every day.

About Mziiki


Mziiki is a music streaming application and mobile site that offers the most diverse and largest collection of African music, with an array of talent that spans the continent and the globe. The app was first launched in 2014 and has hundreds of exclusively licensed African artists with a rapidly expanding subscriber base that is set to challenge big names globally.

Mziiki delivers on digital music demands in the modern age and inspires its users to connect, share and enjoy a rich and remarkable repertoire of talented artists. Users can access the app on the most popular mobile platforms – iOS, Android and BlackBerry – and also stream from the mobile site. The app has capability to allow full track downloads and set ringback tones. It is easy to use, allows for social sharing and Dedications and the service is completely free (although data charges do apply). A web and tablet version for Mziiki is currently under development and expected to be released during October 2014


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